7 Maintenance Musts for Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal is the most useful device in a modern kitchen, making food waste disposal easier, more environmentally friendly, and extra efficient. Whether peeling carrots or dried fruit, leftovers from dinner, all disappear with a flick by the garbage disposal.

However, every day, maintenance is necessary to keep this vital kitchen equipment running smoothly and to increase its life. Efficient garbage disposal not only prevents odors and disturbing wastes but also guarantees the right operation for many years to come. What you think how long does garbage disposal unit last?

Here are seven maintenance suggestions to keep your garbage disposal working smoothly.

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleansing is important for effective waste elimination. Follow these simple steps to ease up your garbage disposal:

Turn off the Power: Make sure to turn off the power button before starting any maintenance operation to prevent any accident and injury.

Use ice Cubes: Put some drops of ice inside the drain and turn it on. The ice will assist in dissolving any buildup on the lines, essentially acting as a natural scrubber. As the ice melts, it’s going to shed any dirt particles striking around the blade.

Add rock salt: Add a handful of rock salt after the ice to help wash away further debris. The abrasive texture of the salt will assist in casting off stubborn residue or buildup.

Use citrus peel: Adding citrus peel can help freshen the disposal. It also acts as a natural cleaner, imparting a nice scent. You can use lime, oranges, and lemon for citrus peels, put them in the bottom of the disposal when it is running.

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Here is a full guide to use lemon to clean your disposal

Rinse with cold water: Rinse the disposal device with cold water for one minute to take away any residue. The cold water solidifies any grease or oil, making it simpler for the blades to shred. It also keeps the motor from overheating. So should you put grease in your unit or not?

Here is a guide how to clean your garbage unit with bleach.

Avoid Grinding Solids

While garbage disposals are designed to handle most food waste, there are some things to avoid while putting in disposables to save it from damage:


Avoid placing bones inside the disposal, as they can damage the lines. Small bones also can critically damage the grinding system in the disposal.

Don’t put bones in your regular disposal unit it will ruin your disposal instead use bone crusher garbage disposal to crush bones easily

Fiber-rich meals: 

Foods like celery, onion skin, and corn husk can wrap around the disposal blades and cause clogging. Unclogging disposal is a hard task so throw these things in the trash instead disposal unit.

Grease and oil: 

Grease or oil can fall inside the exhaust pipe and cause corrosion. Instead, throw it in the trash. Grease and oil can solidify inside the pipes, inflicting clogs and an unpleasant smell.

Non-food gadgets: 

Never place non-food items together with glass, plastic, or metal at the bottom of a disposal. These objects can damage the blade and cause extreme issues.

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Keep It Running Regularly

Regular running of your garbage disposal can help prevent rust and corrosion and enhance its performance. Even if you don’t have food waste to grind, run the exhaust frequently to save it from clogging. Moving water and food waste through the disposal helps prevent rust and corrosion by keeping the components moving and preventing any waste from collecting.

Use Cold Water

Always use cold water while running the garbage disposal. The cold water solidifies any grease or oil that can be at the disposal, making it less complicated for the blades to chop up. It also prevents the motor from overheating. Run cold water for approximately 30 seconds before and after using the suction unit to make sure the waste is properly rinsed.

Avoid Overloading

Avoid overloading the garbage disposal with an excessive amount of food waste straight away. Instead, feed the waste slowly to the disposal, permitting it to cut through the food properly. Overloading can cause mechanical failure and unnecessary strain on the motor. Offer small quantities of food while dealing with a garbage disposal to ensure the right digestion.

Use Citrus Peel

Grinding citrus peel is a powerful way to keep your garbage disposal fresh. The herbal oils in citrus culmination cleanse the extract and provide it with a pleasant aroma. Grind some slices of lemon, lime, or orange zest inside the infused water to provide it with a fresh aroma. Regular use of these citrus peels can help protect the garbage disposal and eliminate foul smells.

Avoid Chemical Cleaners

Do not clean the disposal unit with harsh chemical substances as they could cause corrosion and deterioration. Try the use of moderate cleaners like baking soda and vinegar.

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Add Baking Soda: Put half a cup of baking soda in the bottom of the garbage disposal.

Pour vinegar: Now add a cup of vinegar into the disposal unit and let it rest for some time. Together, the vinegar and baking soda will create a foaming process that purifies and freshens the exhaled air.


Regular cleansing is key to maintaining your garbage disposal and running smoothly for years. By following those seven easy maintenance , you can increase the existence of your garbage disposal and keep it running easily for years. Remember to do everyday cleaning, and avoid dropping sensitive equipment, and hard material to shield from rust and corrosion. With proper care, your garbage disposal will be a precious asset in your kitchen.

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