How to Get Glass out of Garbage Disposal?

Have you ever heard a terrible thud coming from the kitchen? Broken glass has located its way into your garbage disposal – an unfortunate and barely dangerous phenomenon. If you are in this dilemma then you are in the right place because this article has everything you need to know about this situation.

Which tools are needed to get out the Glass?

You are going to need the right tools. Because let’s face it, nobody wants to engage in a potentially risky business such as retrieving glass shards from a garbage disposal with bare hands. Some of the following tools are:

Needle-nose pliers 

Needle-nose pliers are typically the tool of choice for this task. Their long, thin, and pointed design makes them perfect for reaching into the tight interior of a garbage disposal. They provide both accuracy in targeting and safety in extracting pieces of glass. They are just the kind of utensil that can help you get the job done without any nasty surprises. 


Next up is a flashlight. No, it is not for telling spooky stories. While you are bent down under your sink it is vital for illuminating the dark crevices within your garbage disposal. You will be able to see exactly where the offending pieces of glass are.  Importantly, whether any remaining glass pieces after your extraction efforts. 


You may also find that a magnet can come in handy. While glass itself is not magnetic, tiny fragments can become embedded in other metallic waste which is. So, running a strong magnet over the innards of your disposal can help remove these hidden dangers. 

Bottle Brush

Cleaning your garbage disposal after the mechanical extraction is also a part of the process. A good bottle brush or scrub brush can be quite effective. After all, you want to ensure that your disposal is completely free of any remaining glass fragments.

Dust Bin

Finally, last but not least, do not forget to prepare a bucket or bag to capture the debris safely. You do not want to go to all this effort and then end up scattering the glass fragments back onto your kitchen floor.

Which Safety Precautions before starting the mechanical work?

It is crucial to take numerous safety precautions before diving headfirst into the challenge of casting off glass out of your garbage disposal. Any absent-minded move may additionally bring about extreme damage. Here are a few safety precautions for you:

Switch Off the Electricity

First of all, flip off the electricity switch of your garbage disposal in the breaker box. This prevents unintentional activation whilst trying to get the glass out of the garbage disposal. You should know that turning off the garbage disposal at sink level is not enough, as it can turn back on accidentally.

Protective Gear

Protective tools include wearing durable gloves and protection glasses to guard your eyes from any glass particles that may accidentally fly out. Accidents can take place, but putting on protective gear can reduce the dangers.

Being Conscious

Remember, safety comes first in coping with any potentially harmful situation. Taking the time to observe these precautions can effectively prevent you from injury. Be conscious of your actions and stay safe.

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Glass Out of Your Garbage Disposal

Upon completion of this process, your garbage disposal should be free from glass and safe to use. If the task seems daunting, please do not hesitate to call a professional for help. But, try these following steps yourself as DIY:

Cut off Electricity

Disconnect your garbage disposal from the power source to eliminate any risk of unintentional operation. 

Locate the Glass

Next, you will want to get a good, clean look down into the garbage disposal. You can do this by using a flashlight. This would provide enough illumination to highlight the positioned pieces of glass that require removal. 

Remove Pieces of Glass

After proper visibility is achieved, grab a pair of needle-nose pliers to pull the larger pieces of glass out of your disposal unit.  These pliers allow for precision in gripping and removing the glass pieces safely. 

Taking help from the kitchen brush

If there are smaller shards of glass that cannot be removed with pliers, resort to an old kitchen brush. Cut off a piece of your broom’s bristles, safely ensuring the piece is long enough to reach into the garbage disposal. Insert this broom piece into the disposal, and turn it around a few times. The bristles will catch these tiny pieces of glass, allowing you to cautiously extract them. 

Final Steps

After all the glass has been removed, reconnect the power source to the garbage disposal. Run cold water into the garbage disposal while simultaneously switching it on. This helps clear up any remaining tiny shards of glass in the unit and prevents clogging.

If you encounter any clogging issues or want to learn more about unclogging your garbage disposal, you can refer to our guide on How to unclog Garbage Disposal.

When to Consider Professional Services for this job?

There are instances where the situation is simply too risky or too difficult to address by yourself. Professional services exist for such situations. So, when should you think about knocking on the experts’ doors? 

Can’t see where’s The Problem?

First, it is especially encouraged to call a plumber if you cannot see or access the pieces of glass in your garbage disposal. These experts have a variety of specialized tools they use, to effectively and properly remove unwanted objects from your garbage disposal.

Things Got Out Of Hand?

Another indication when you should seek a professional is if the glass has been sitting inside the appliance for a long time. Over time, the glass fragments can break into small pieces. These can cause problems at some point in the garbage disposal, making it dangerous and difficult for an untrained person to safely clean the garbage disposal.

Still, Hearing a Strange Noise?

Also, if the garbage disposal continues to make a noise even after removing the glass, it may be due to the glass fragments lodged in hard-to-reach spots, or the appliance itself is damaged and this might be a good time to seek for expert assistance at this stage.

Don’t Know What To Do?

Remember that trying to do the entire repair all by yourself is not always the best decision, particularly while safety is at stake. It is critical to recognize when it is time to seek the plumber. They have the proper knowledge, experience, and the right toolset to address these situations thoroughly and correctly.


In conclusion, removing glass from your trash can appear daunting, however, it is something you can do with care and the proper equipment. Be sure to follow our instructions cautiously to ensure safety during the process. However, if you ever experience difficulty, do not hesitate to call a plumber. 

Can I use my vacuum cleaner to remove pieces of glass from my garbage disposal?

While a few endorse the usage of a vacuum cleaner, this will now not be the most secure or simplest alternative. Glass shards can damage your vacuum. We advocate following the step-by-step instructions provided in this article to securely get the glass out of your garbage disposal.

Why can’t I just leave the piece of glass in the garbage disposal?

Leaving the shards of glass in your garbage disposal can significantly damage it and reduce its capability. It also can cause damage if any portions discover their way into your cabinets.

Will the plumber have special gear to remove the glass from the garbage disposal?

Yes, expert plumbers have the special equipment and experience and they can effectively remove pieces of glass from garbage disposal.

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