Avocado Pit in Garbage Disposal: Safe for Your Unit or Not?

Most of us love to savor the delight of a well-ripened avocado. However, when it comes to the pit, confusion often arises on how to manage this substantial seed. The primary question we aim to answer in this article is – can you put an avocado pit in your Garbage Disposal

The Avocado Pit Dilemma 

Let’s start by establishing the root problem. At the core of an avocado, lies a large, round pit, seemingly unbreakable and solidly built. In your household, it can seem like a logical step to simply toss it into your garbage disposal, just as you would with other compostable kitchen waste. 

Beware, this seemingly harmless act could seriously damage your Garbage Disposal system or potentially jam it completely.

The Structure of an Avocado Pit 

Despite its ubiquitous use in our kitchens, not many among us are aware of the gritty reality of an avocado pit. It is important, though, to understand why they pose such a risk to your garbage disposal. 

1. Hard and Durable

Avocado pits are harder and more durable than they may first appear. When they are ripe, they turn into a robust, thick lump which isn’t ideal for a standard garbage disposal unit. 

2. Non-Biodegradable

Unlike the tender pulp of the avocado which speedy decomposes, the pit can take a vast amount of time to break down. In a disposal system, this indicates the ability for backups and blockages is excessive.

3. Dealing with Avocado Pits 

Disposing of an avocado pit can be simple, and doesn’t have to mean immediate trouble for your garbage disposal. Here are some alternatives to consider: 

  • Compost: If you have a home compost system, this is the perfect place for your avocado pit to go.
  • Trash: This option, albeit not the most environmentally friendly, can save your disposal system the strain of dealing with a hard pit.
  • Reuse: If you are feeling adventurous, explore growing your avocado tree right from the pit! It is an exciting way to reduce waste.
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Beyond Waste: Extracting Value from Avocado Pits 

Surprising as it may sound, the avocado pits you have been tossing away will be treasure in the hard – a wealthy source of bioactive compounds with capability health benefits. Research has exposed numerous health-selling properties in avocado pit extracts, along with antioxidant, lipid-lowering, and hypoglycemic results. 

1. The Nutritious Avocado Seed Tea 

Aside from their medicinal potential, did you know you can transform your avocado pits into a delectably healthy drink? Preparing avocado seed tea is an ancient tradition with modern relevance. By boiling your avocado pit, you can create a warm, nutritious beverage teeming with antioxidants. A proactive step in mitigating bodily inflammation and warding off damaging free radicals. 

2. The Avocado Pit Recycling Paradigm 

For industrial players, the opportunities that lie within avocado waste are staggering. Some companies are already processing tons of avocado pits daily, a testament to the growing awareness and commitment to environmental sustainability. These efforts underline the shift towards a circular economy model, where every output cohesively ties back into an overarching system, reducing the overall waste and carbon footprint. 

3. The AvoSeedo: A Fun Exploration for All Ages 

Why not transform your avocado consumption into an engaging, educational activity for the family? Using an AvoSeedo, you can germinate your avocado pit and watch as a budding tree grows right in your home—a splendid way to cultivate gardening interest in your little ones, while actively partaking in the global movement towards green consciousness.

Cons of Disposing of Avocado Pits in Garbage Disposals?

  1. Large, hard pits can cause a clamor that can be quite surprising if you are not ready for it.
  2. Remember, noise doesn’t mean damage, but it could be disruptive. 
  3. By throwing them out, you are missing out on a great opportunity to boost your health.
  4. Environmental impact, take a step towards environmental duty via reusing avocado waste as opposed to tossing it into the garbage disposal. 
  5. Avocado pits and peels were located to be a capable supply of antioxidants, imparting an environmentally pleasant way of recycling food waste. 
  6. While avocado pits are usually secure, overloading the disposal with too many huge, difficult pits can shorten its lifespan.
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Driving Sustainability through Avocado Pits  

Our journey to a more sustainable destiny may additionally seem daunting, however, take into account, that even apparently small movements can force widespread trade. The simple act of responsibly removing an avocado pit can play a tremendous function in this green narrative. As we stride ahead, every accountable step we take brings us toward a sustainable future.

The Properties of Avocado Pits

You won’t recognize it, however we are in the midst of an avocado growth. These delicious excellent results are chomped down in large quantities these days, yet what often follows is the discarding of the nutritious part – the avocado pits.

Can you believe those hard stones you usually chuck out are packed with health-boosting elements, antioxidants, and dietary fiber? If you thought they were hard and challenging to prepare, you are mistaken! Those pits are full of moisture, making them a breeze to slice, dice, and grind. 


Orgeat is a syrup made from almond, sugar, and orange blossom water, but today we will be using avocado pits.

Here are the ingredients you’ll need to make just a small amount of Orgeat:

  • 1 Avocado Pit
  • 150ml Demerara Sugar (or Brown Sugar). If you want your syrup to be bright orange, go with regular granulated white sugar.
  • 150ml Water
  • Spice Grinder/Blender
  • Fine Mesh Strainer

Chop & Grind

  • Start by setting your avocado pits aside and give them a thorough cleanse to remove any remnants of the fruit. 
  • Pat them dry using a clean cloth. 
  • Carefully slice the pit in half using a knife because the pit can be quite slippery.
  • Continue to chop it into quarters and dice it into tiny pieces. 
  • Initially, the inside of the pit is white but it undergoes a color change due to oxidation and transforms to an orange-red hue.
  • Pop everything into a blender or spice grinder to grind it into a fine powder. 
  • The powder initially appears white but quickly turns into a vibrant orange as it oxidizes. 
  • Collect your powder and evenly spread it out on a baking tray. 
  • You can choose to dry it out in an oven at a temperature of 75-100°C until it is completely moisture-free, or you could simply leave it out to dry at room temperature overnight.
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Toast & Add Sugar

Once dried, toast the powder in a saucepan for a couple of minutes. You can smell the unique flavor of the grounded pits and the color of them will intensify. Place your sugar and water in the pan and mix everything until the sugar is completely dissolved. Transfer everything to a container and let the powder sit in the syrup overnight to infuse. 

The result is a slightly red/orange colored syrup, great for using in your Rum and Tiki cocktails!

You would have thought that leftover pits could be used in your drinks.

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In conclusion, tossing an avocado pit in the garbage disposal can lead to costly repair bills. By understanding their dense, hard structure, we can safely say it is not worth the risk. Instead, consider the alternatives above – to make the most out of your avocados, without the potential for 

With these many possibilities, every pit promises an opportunity for a greener environment, paving the way for ingenious yet practical solutions for waste reduction. Let’s put our avocado love to good use and remember, that every step counts in tackling our global waste challenge.

Can I safely put avocado pits in my garbage disposal?

No, it’s not recommended to put avocado pits in your garbage disposal. Avocado pits are hard and durable, posing a risk of damage or jamming to your disposal system.

What should I do with avocado pits instead of putting them in the garbage disposal?

There are several alternatives to consider, such as composting the pits if you have a home compost system, throwing them in the trash, or even exploring the option of growing your avocado tree from the pit.

Are avocado pits biodegradable?

While the pulp of avocados decomposes relatively quickly, avocado pits are non-biodegradable and can take a long time to break down, especially in a disposal system, increasing the risk of backups and blockages.

Can avocado pits be used for anything beneficial?

Yes, avocado pits can be used to extract bioactive compounds with potential health benefits. Additionally, they can be turned into a nutritious beverage known as avocado seed tea, which is rich in antioxidants.

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